Want to Produce One of Our Plays?

Searchlight Theatre has a selection of original scripts available for purchase. Our director can assist you in choosing the right play for your group. In order to produce one of our plays, you must first obtain permission. Royalties must be paid to the writer(s) for all performances. To apply, contact Kathy Larson at kathy@gspc.net.

List of scripts available with short description, cast size and running time:
A variety of short sketches are also available. Contact Kathy Larson (kathy@gspc.net) for more information.

It's All About Jesus - Comedy
2 women, 2 men, 2 female teens & 7 kids; running time: 45 minutes
Through a Sunday School homework assignment to visit a homeless shelter, a nominally Christian family learns that it is truly better to give than to receive at Christmas.

Here Comes My King - Comedy
5 women, 4 men, 1 female teen; running time: 30 minutes
The experiences of the disciples and the Pharisees on Palm Sunday are paralleled with a tradition vs. religion conflict between two young Christian t-shirt designers and two ladies from their church.

All I Want for Christmas - Dramedy
3 women, 3 men, 2 female teens & 6 kids; running time: 60 minutes
An estranged brother and sister are finally forced to confront their differences when their mother has a heart attack on Christmas Eve.

Husband and Wife - Drama
1 woman, 3 men & 2 kids; running time: 45 minutes
In jail after accidentally shooting her lover, the "ideal wife" reflects on how things got this far and experiences the shocking forgiveness of her husband.

The Hope of Christmas - Dramedy
4 women, 2 men & 3 kids; running time: 90 minutes
A young woman's complete loss of hope in a journey with infertility treatment at Christmas leads her to discover hope in Christ as the only baby she really needs.

Greater Love - Romantic Comedy
6 women, 4 men; running time: 90 minutes
Four lives collide as a young man goes to church to impress a girl while a recovering alcoholic searches for his first love to check off AA's step eight-to make amends.

The Will of Harrison Wheeler - Comedy
4 women, 4 men, 2 teens & 2 kids; running time: 90 minutes
A wealthy, ruthless old businessman uses the only bargaining chip he has to get all four of his dysfunctional, spoiled children and their families home for their first real family Christmas.

"Sinners" & "Saints" - Comedy
7 women, 3 men, 4 teens & 6 kids; running time: 90 minutes
Caught in between a group of traditional church people and a drug-dealer-turned-Jesus-freak and his friends, a young pastor struggles to discover just who are the sinners and who are the saints?

I'm Dreaming of a Sunny Christmas - Comedy
6 women, 3 men, 5 teens & 7 kids; running time: 110 minutes
Stuck on a cruise ship for Christmas, far away from everything that makes Christmas Christmas, a family man learns from a soap star, a serial killer, some wild kids and a workaholic lawyer that Christmas isn't really about snow or trees or eggnog.

Emilia's Gift - Children's Musical
2 women, 2 men, 6 children & 9 imaginary friends; running time: 80 minutes
Emilia is a dreamy fifth grader with no "real" friends, but a whole host of imaginary ones. She is pressured by everyone in her life to just be "normal," until one day her Sunday School teacher talks about God's gifts. Now, with the help of all of her imaginary friends, Emilia has to decide: is her "different-ness" a gift from God or a curse?

Christmas with the Groovy Girls Sisterhood - Dramedy
3 women, 1 man, 4 teen girls, 4 teen boys, 6 tween girls, 4 kinder girls; running time: 100 minutes
Dawn, Corey, Ellie and Sandra were best friends from kindergarten to high school, but haven't spoken since. Now, twenty-three years later, tragedy brings Corey, Ellie, and Sandra back together. Can they work through their past and learn to forgive?

Becoming Dad - Comedy
3 women, 3 men, 3 teen girls, 4 tween girls, 2 tween boys; running time: 100 minutes
Drew Shepherd is an ambitious young professional who suddenly finds out an ex-girlfriend died and left him everything...including a twelve year old daughter he never knew he had.

Stranded at Thanksgiving - Comedy
4 adult men; 2 adult women; 1 teen girl; 1 teen boy; 2 younger girls; running time: 80 minutes
Dan and Michelle Price are waiting until after the holidays to tell their kids about the divorce. When they get stranded at the airport on Thanksgiving, they are forced to decide - is their family worth fighting for?

Lost in Space - Fantasy
A slew of kids, can be adjusted to fit your group; run time: 75 minutes
On the Planet Pineapple, peace has reigned for a thousand years, until the evil dictator, Black Hole, escapes from the Pit of Doom and challenges the Pineapplean leader, Solar, to a duel. When Black Hole doesn't show for the duel, only the youngest Pineapplean, Sunny, is worried about her. When Sunny journeys alone through space to search for their lost enemy, all of Planet Pineapple learns a powerful lesson of forgiveness and grace.

Camp Exodus - Comedy
7 adults; 4 older teens; a slew of younger teens and children; 90 minutes
Lifelong camp owner Sam is selling the camp she inherited from her grandfather to pursue her own dreams. The staff, led by the borderline-OCD Camp Director Brad, is committed to making their last summer the best summer ever, but when Sam's free-spirited hippie niece takes over as Co-Camp Director, things spin out of control. The play has quirky characters, a lot of laughs, spiritual depth, and a ton of CAMP STUFF - even pranks - all rolled into one.

Coffee Talk - Dramedy 
9 adults; 2 teens (or young adults); 3 kids; 100 minutes
Life is tough. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, but through it all, God is there. And we have each other. Through their conversations and interactions at a local coffee shop, we get glimpses into a myriad of characters' lives and situations through all four seasons of a year.

Christmas without Presents? - Kids' Short 
A BUNCH of kids of all ages; 1 adult non-speaking role; 20 minutes
At a special boarding school for Olympic hopeful gymnasts, one girl has a disappointing Christmas, but through it, learns the precious gift of the Magi - what it means to give gifts to Jesus at Christmas.

Family is Family - Dramedy
7 adults; lots of teens; 3 kids; 100 minutes
Widowed five years ago, George is a single dad with five kids and an older brother who lives over his garage. Jessie, his sixteen year old daughter, is a goody-two-shoes type kid who's hiding a bit of a wild side. When his brother and teenage daughter suggest he start dating again, George thinks his world gets rocked. But it's nothing compared to what he's about to face when Jessie finally gets caught. "Family is Family" is a story about identity, parenting, and learning how to love each other, even when it's hard.

Working Title - Comedy
8 adults, lots and lots of teen and children; 90 minutes
A small town community theater in Indiana is losing funding and is on the brink of closing. Can this one big show help them stay afloat? 

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