Kids' One Acts

Kids from the Old Providence area neighborhoods worked so hard in their workshops learning about character-driven story and writing and presenting their ORIGINAL ONE ACT PLAYS for you. Yes, these are stories these kids developed themselves! Each story is based on a character trait all CMS students study in their elementary schools. 

ALANA AND THE SEA MONSTER (character trait: compassion): Thrust together by an underwater hurricane, mortal enemies Alana the mermaid and Herman the sea monster are forced to work together to find their way home.

A KNIGHT'S JUNGLE ADVENTURE (character trait: courage): The not-so-brave medieval knight Leopold is magically transported inside a video game, where a lovable crow, Clarabelle, helps him find the inner strength to defeat the challenge of each level.

SWEET TOOTH ISLAND (character trait: honesty): Jenna, a fourth grader with a bad habit of telling outrageous lies mysteriously lands on Sweet Tooth Island, where all of her tall tales have come true, including the rule of the evil dictator, Lord Gingerbread.

Each play runs less than 30 minutes.

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